My Mission

#alllifematters comes in a variety subjects and issues. What brings me here and my projects are about doing something impacting yet simple to do for the common person. Many issues today seem daunting for anyone to tackle and with little impact. Things I like to see and do affect any and all communities. I want to change the way people think about their surroundings and their relationships with all types of life in general.

Pet Overpopulation Issue – 3 million cats and dogs are euthanize each year. That is an absolutely staggering and sad # to hear. How did our society become like this where we are killing this high a number of man’s best friends? We love them as our own yet disposing of them like a toy. You’re pet is almost certain to put to sleep when its given to shelter. To meet this demand, pets stores and puppy mills are breeding puppies in great numbers in unsafe and inhumane environments. Pets often die and have a number of health issues. I want to gain more knowledge and highlight the issue of what is going on. There seems to be a huge demand for pets and but even greater overabundance of supply. Lets talk to pet owners, pet shops, breeders, and shelters to solve this issue. We can’t keep letting these animals die because of our own ignorance.

Vegetarianism/ Veganism – Probably one of the most substantial statements and impact a person can make is to become one. We eat three meals a day everyday for our whole life. Each meal is a decision we can make on the world by not eating animal products or animal products raised in inhumane conditions. Not only does this help save the life of many animals but factory farming in general has one of the worst impacts on climate change. I want to show what people can do every so often become more in this line of thinking.

Hunting of Exotic Animals – On a visit to South Africa this year, I was saddened to learn that 80% of Rhino horns are poached because of the demand from Vietnam. A large percentage of poaching of other animals comes from China. As a southeast asian, I can understand the issue but also disturbed by similar cultures of mine who end up doing this. These exotic animals are seen to make people smarter, stronger, cure diseases, or even increase sexual potency even though there is no scientific evidence for it.

Projects in the works
Produce pamphlets on pet adoption to place in county to show all the needs to care for an animal
– Help make a map of where is a good place to adopt and not adopt from puppy mills
– Produce materials and art to go viral on social media that shows how ridiculous it is to eat or use exotic animals
– Share facts and information on vegetarianism
– Publish interesting news and reports on all these issues and what people are doing to help
– Engage the community on these issues and make them more knowledgeable about the environment