Hidden Oaks Nature Center

My quick review. It’s a great place to expose children and adults alike to nature and animals. It’s quiet or not so quiet environment depending on how many children are there. A wonderful center to come see real life turtles, frogs, and snakes. It was lots of interesting info and provides a ton of toys and hands on things for children.

For any parents needing a place to bring your children for a day out. This is definitely a place to stop by for fun and education. There is also trails surrounding the center and a nearby playground. My son can’t stop watching all the animals and talking to them.

All the staff we have encountered have been extraordinary friendly. One volunteer told us how one women called the center said she had a Dinosaur and lots of eggs in her yard! The volunteer told us they went to collect and found 34 eggs! You wanna he the crazy part? All 34 hatched successfully and released! Now how’s that for a happy ending.

We take our son here almost once a week these days. Let the kids interact and learn love our animal friends that surround us.