4 Amazing Years and More TO Save

I always like to commemorate the month I went Vegetarian/Vegan. Its a been a wonderful and successful journey. Lot of learning, internal happiness, raising awareness, family and friend battles. But its all worth it.

It all began with one documentary named Cowspiracy that my wife saw trending on social media. And that was the spark to flip the switch on my life. What means a lot to me, my morals, what I see in the world and for the future are all encompassed by this diet, this lifestyle, this movement. Or better yet, all what I choose to put in front of me on my plate. One simple action can mean so much more. An action that forms a massive conglomerate of reform who also are making compassionate, animal loving, environmental friendly, anti-suffering choices in their lives.

It is a special time like any other important milestone in my life. I hope that others continue on this journey. We are all in it together. I think one day, people are going to look back and find that people in the past eating meat was crazy. Animals are our friends, not food.

My impact in numbers. In the real. See it for yourself. Try it on the https://vegancalculator.com/

My Sweet Honey Bee

People and cultures all over the world. Have used honey for a variety of health reasons, ailements, and who knows what else. It’s sweet and delicious. Quite dangerous to get back in the day I’m sure. Now it’s a whole multi million dollar business.

It’s a common everyday pantry requirement to have some laying around. To produce such mass quantities to fill the needs of 375? million Americans. One must think, how do we get it all? Honey and bees aren’t tied up in vegan efforts as much as other causes. Probably since we don’t actively kill them

I’ve learned nearly my entire adult life that bees were in a dire situation dying off. Yet this little insect can be the cause and affect of the world’s environment and food supply. Learning it over and over in environment science. So the bee affecting our lives on many fronts.

This jar in my house symbolizes terror and abuse. We harvest this from them. They spend countless hours to produce. We shio bees from state to state in regular trucks in extreme heat to pollinate our plants and produce honey. Now I know on surface it’s not much.

I’m sure the bee keepers or those who own for business love them just like any other animal. They mean no harm, it’s a job or Hobbie.

But as a consumer who needs to be thoughtful. Is it really worth some honey to put those bees in such harsh lives? For what? What’s the difference for a cow used for her milk and leading a terrible life. Or to rip a calf away to used for meat and th cries for their mother. I finally said enough and it’s abuse all the same. I won’t contribute ever again. My wife even saves any bees that might be caught in a web or water bowl for our dogs

SO bye bye last jar of honey. It was good tasting ya.

Impossible Coincidence?

Just as I was making an Instagram post on Qdoba and a few days ago complained about Burger King employee’s answer on whether the Impossible Burger was going to come to the Annandale location. Low and behold. Front Page CNN. Burger King has announced that the Impossible Whopper will be served at all locations! WHAT AN AMAZING THING. I know us vegetarians and vegans are not the target persay as they state. But boy does it bring me joy.

Whatever the reason or cause, they do it because it financially is beneficially to them. And thats a fine reason to me. I don’t mind they make money if it brings more compassionate to the fast food arena. And we are taking baby steps. But this is a big step.

The other day I walked into a Qdoba and was elated to see the Impossible Meat was served there. Not only that but it was heavily advertised. Its still the same delicious bowl. You can’t taste the difference. Its amazing how fast times have changed and continue to change. You think you can make a difference and sometimes not. But with the all mighty dollar if people choose to do plant based. That is our power and change will come with it. I hope people begin to open their eyes and see the impact this is having. The animals will THANK YOU!


On a quiet Sunday morning, my wife and I are just doing our daily routine of making taiwanese pancakes, feeding our son, and cleaning up the house. Quiet uneventful. We noticed some folks walk in front of our house on the street and stop to look at something. Shortly after, an animal control police van rolled up. Then two more cop cars soon appeared. My wife and I couldn’t really tell how worried we should be. Seeing cops induce some initial fear and concern, but then one big animal control van?

My initial thoughts were this be new coyote sightings in the area. Its already happened twice in the past year where a dog was killed by coyotes. I thought there must be some roaming around and causing more trouble. My wife always anxious to know whats going on actually walked up to talk to the police. She ran back inside and told me there was a deer stuck on the fence at the neighbors across the street. I was like what you mean stuck? I got some binoculars and looked across the street. I saw the deer had attempted to hope the fence and got stuck in the most horrible and vicious way. This was a metal spiked fence. The deer didn’t make it and got its hind legg impaled by the fence. It was a horrific sight.

The deer was doing everything in its power to get itself loose. And with their immense power did even more damage.  The leg was completely broken/ruined/ripped apart whatever you may describe such a scene. My wife and I felt absolutely terrible and wished there was something we could do. My wife thought there could be something we could do to get it loose and free. But the cops told her they were going to put it down and watch out for the loud gun shot. I always one to try everything to save an animal before a last resort. I already knew there was nothing that could be done. The leg and ligaments and torso were so gone there was no return. Not to mention the risk of harming the people to release the animal. But what needs to be done has to be done.

In my new view and look on life since becoming vegetarian. The crossing between life and death is a thin one. Its a blink, its a fine line. Its not measurable. 1 sec, everything can change. And at this point in time, this unknown medium of death was about to set upon this poor deer. All because it choose the wrong house to cross. One mistake and its life is done. How freaking sad is that. Whether this deer had a family or a child who knows. And they won’t know what happened. The next day I walked up to the deer to take a look closer. They must have shot it through the heart. There was no incidents of gun shots to its head where I would suspect to put an animal down. it was just so still and lifeless. I just couldn’t help but stare. But then know life moves on and keep moving.

It really just continues to hit home how precious life can be. And these constant reminders show how unpredictable it can be. It makes me enjoy everything more. I always want to be with my family and friends and do happy things. I don’t waste my time not doing something positive or dwell. But the key is to take this new look in all aspects of life, not just when tragedy strikes. Because you don’t really learn anything if you only see the view when something bad happening. It means you would be ignoring the lesson.



March 31st, 2017 – All Elephants Rejoice

Just four days ago, China has closed all its ivory factories. By the end of the year, it promises to close down all its retail shops. With much uncertainty, we have some good news with the price of ivory dropping for the past couple months. China had a large awareness program and the help of celebrities to curb the trade. Once education was out there and it was acknowledged that China’s trade was harming the elephant population, the stop to end the trade started. This goes back to my thoughts that education is key. Once you can teach people and get them on board, then that is the real way to stop it. I hope that this big movement continues to other countries and Cambodia can also educate its people as well.

Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/mar/30/chinas-legal-ivory-trade-is-dying-as-prices-fall

2 Quick Thoughts

Thought 1: I’ve seen a number of emails to marketing agencies in Cambodia to rent out potential billboards. I send emails in English and Khmer but dont hear anything back. They probably know I’m outsider from how I talk and type. Leading to two probably cases of not taking me seriously or thinking they can con me. What can I do?

Thought 2: I saw a racoon die on the side of the road yesterday. Always makes me sad to see a senseless death.

My Dear Cambodia And Its Trees

My facebook feed showed an article from NASA on Cambodia and its deforestation issues. It showed satellite images over past 10 years on how much deforestation has occurred. I’m not going to get down to facts and figures. But just know its bad. Its been bad, it is bad, and will continue to be bad. Its not a hidden issue how corrupt the system is in the country due to the massive amounts of money they can be made by various parties participating in illegal logging. Its very difficult to refuse such an offer to be a part 1% of Cambodia most wealthy  just for some trees. I don’t agree with it obviously but you have to understand their world and their mindset. Tell me a convincing reason for why not? How can you get the deforestation to stop when the people in power to protect it are the people profiting from it.

What caught my attention is not just how drastic the situation is but reading and listening to all the comments from the citizens of Cambodia themselves. In America, we take our freedoms and speech for granted. We may not make a difference easily but we have the great ability to and the chances to make a different. And in the sense, we have a big privilege that others in many other countries do not. I felt a multitude of feelings of helplessness, anger, despair, all mixed together and then some from the people. The know what is happening, they know it is not right yet the people in the driver seat to govern aren’t doing anything about it nor will they care. They can’t do anything about it. They are just the victims along with everybody else. There are unforeseen consequences short and long term of such actions. People’s lives will be affected greatly whether it be the land they use to live or the variety of environmental problems thousands will face for years to come.

I keep thinking what do they do? What can they do? Start a revolt? Get other people aware? So what.. I ask myself. What will it do. Its just a thousand of issues surrounding this problem with no power to do a thing about it. They got bigger things to worry about. And if this issue is something you make a BIG issue, then well, you better watch out. Thats right, you can die over a tree. And yet, what will happen when the trees are gone. The poor are too suffer while the riches are all done and spent by the wealthy.

I don’t offer a solution. I dont know where to begin. The people will have to decide this for themselves. Whether their future and the land they live on is worth dying for.

Michele Boggs Reveals Behind the Scenes

I like to share articles and stories on this blog for the public to read themselves. I have to write a story and post on this one. Michele Boggs, who works at Altus Animal Control, shared this photo on facebook the other day that has gone viral. It shows dogs being put in bags that have been euthanized. Michele is brave enough to share the reality of the pet world. When we say shelter or kennel, it is a bad outlook that a dog or cat has been euthanized. People often want to hide from the true fact and shelters paint a picture that all is well by providing high percentage adoption rates. Simply it isn’t true. No, this is reality, it is happening everyday in the thousands. Dogs you don’t want for whatever silly reason die. It is because of we people aren’t able to face the reality. We don’t to know the truth. We want to have our mistake free dog and if it isn’t perfect, it goes to La La Land and lives happily ever after.

Hopefully, more people like Michele can step up to the plate and share what is going on. More people need to know. More people need to see. More people to learn. Hopefully this leads to more action.

One sad statemeny I read in this article.

“While there should be more laws to regulate excessive dog breeding and more enforcement to prevent animal cruelty, the most important way to save a pet is by adopting them.”

Should… While there should be more laws… We know its an issue, we know something needs to be done but we don’t have much awareness on it or people doing something about it. Usefully something this catastrophic, people are up in arms, there are movements, there are groups to fight this. But you dont hear about it if any. To me, its almost as appaling as: There should be no child labor, There should be penalties for committing a crime… There should be education for everyone… We talk about it as some overarching issue that can’t be touched or too difficult to deal with. While this is probably one of the easiest issues to address and people to relate.

Thats why its so important for this story to be shared so people will stand up and create laws to regulate or more enforcement. I will try my best and that is what I can offer. I hope to share awareness in Northern Virginia and have projects to help proactively make people conscious of their decisions. Maybe we can get these laws in Fairfax County. I have reached out to Michele and hope to have an interview with her tomorrow. She has responded and agreed, I’m extremely excited and hopefully with this discussion.