Cambodian Horror Story

I like to read up on Cambodia on weekly basis. A simple “Cambodia” search in Google News and a vast of articles from various news outlets will pop up. Usually you get something about the politics, businesses, crime, or entertainment news. But what popped up first just an hour prior to writing this, its absoutley horrid and gut wrenching. Its midnight and I can’t stop thinking about it. The ultra cruel dog meat business.

You can semi relate to individuals who eat regular farm aniamls be it just going with flow and never seeing animals. But Man’s best friend takes it one more level. I just can’t seem to fathom the reality of it all. I wanted to Puke, I wanted to wish so hard it not be true. I’m Cambodian, I’m about to visit there in a couple weeks, and it seems im walking gleefully into the under belly of some hidden beast.

I can’t see my people doing this, I can’t see them liking it. Where is this coming from? This story by Express UK goes to unraveling the dark side of the story. Dogs rounded up from the streets. Harmed while being caught. They know what’s coming, they understand. The fear and horror knowing you are about to be beaten with a in, throat slit, or drowned. How can this be as my 3 dogs sit only a few feet away from me. Next morning, we will go out and play and enjoy the day.

I will praise Four Paws International for there amazing work to expose such cruelty. At the end of the day, it’s the people who eat the dogs, at the end of the day it’s up to us to stop it.

At the sad side of things, the business its field by the poor who try to make a living. They have choice. A prime example if more choices be given where a person can make money for a living. They might do these crazy sog killing practices to feed these people. And they would have no one to do the dirty work for them. I pray and pray. I wish all my furry friends safe travels and your suffering as ended. I weep for you. I hope my efforts can do something.

Please read and follow and donate if you can.


Ralph Northam just signed a bill called “Tommy’s Law” that would make animal cruelty a felony. Before this, it was only a felony after an animal had died. I’m glad to see Virginia is sensible that any sort of cruelty is intolerable and should be punished. It was set in motion after a Pitbull in Richmond was set fire for unknown reasons. Poor pup died 5 days later and no one was caught and convicted.

I am happy to see a bill move forward so quickly. It goes back to my last article that at the state level something needs to be done. I have researched into local ordinances and have no progress. Virginia has an odd rule which states that counties and districts can only govern themselves in certain areas.

The representative that introduced the bill was Bill Desteph and it is legislation he has draft in the past and recently executed after uproar by Tommy. I’m happy to see that we have representatives in our state that deeply care about this issue. I will need to do more research and hopefully push my agenda to have Pet stores only sell animal shelter dogs and cats like California. A business model that is promising but does not effectively shut down businesses. A technical win win on both sides. No animals would be received from Puppy Mills. It will take some time again to see who wrote and pushed the legislation in California and something we can adopt here.

As always its a learning process and slow. But hopefully they are receptive to my letters, emails and calls. If they love animals so much they can’t stand to see them abused. I hope they love them animal to stop the vicious cycle that gets thousands hurt everyday just for profits. Time to talk some sense and bring about real change. Perhaps a Pet Loyal Project tag can help guide them.



The time of reckoning has finally FINALLY FINALLY fallen on Petland of Fairfax, VA. It has SHUTDOWN everyone! A great success and just heartening news to hear for myself, animal lovers and pets everywhere. I’d like to take an open discussion on the matter of what has happened.

To sum up, it took a full undercover investigation by Humane Society and loyal animal lover to spearhead this case. It is unbelievable to me it took so much effort and dire revelations in order for this place to close down. Yes I am happy, Yes I am ecstatic, yes I’m in disbelief but I’m also just furious at what it takes to get these places shut down even after many horrors of the practice.  Bunnies who died for improper care and left in the freezer. A confession by staff knowing that they can not properly care for the animals or identify when they are sick. ABSOLUTELY HORRID!

I’ll leave the full details of what happened linked here below:

It is crazy to think that it took this long, this much effort, and this many moral violations of these animals to shut down. And only after a entirely thorough investigation revealing such heinous acts. Any place that reviews companies and business show that Petland is terrible. Yelp has an extraordinary amount of negative reviews. There has been protests in the past about these kind of Pet Stores in Fairfax County. Negative articles have shown the puppy mill breeders. Yet they never close. Profits before animals. And an unsettling reality is that informing the public and bringing awareness on such a large scale so that people no longer buy these animals is daunting. It appears it can not be done by regular citizens of the community like myself.

You would think with such grand efforts you can win a cause. But it took a million dollar non profit to properly take down Petland. I’m not speaking like this for anyone to give up or that I will not continue trying. But it shows that we must be more vigilant and creative in our efforts. I started Pet Loyal Project as a smaller and indirect way for people to be aware. While keeping pets means those people won’t buy any more from places like this and the project brings awareness to others about where they get their animals.

It saddens me and strikes me with grim reality on what is needed to make change. That my efforts while balancing work, family, life, friends, emergencies is not enough. I never do this to feel good about myself. I do this to make change and hopefully put a stop to Puppy mills and the deaths of millions of animals. That ultimately the only way to stop them is to force law and a change. I need to go back to my ground roots of campaigning and pushing those who govern our communities and state. They need to step up and fight for animals. I need to show them this is something that Virginian’s care about. Time for some good letter writing.



As I said before in previous posts, it seems I have to think out of the box and be more proactive. I definitely dislike the one by one approach as I thought I would. I super gung ho about reaching out and telling every single person. I’m a bit turned off by it. People seem unapproachable these days and think I’m selling them something. It really takes away from my goal and message. And if I give them a tag, its something they will probably just throw away. Lost cause and lost my money. I can’t stop thinking about Red Bull’s method of dumping its cans into busy London area trash cans. Then everybody starts to think these rich, educated individuals in these districts are drinking Red Bull. This goes back to Marketing 101 in high school.

If I’m going to get the message out there and to people who will accept the idea. I need to be creative and reach out to area’s where it will matter. And hopefully that way will spur some interest. So I thought why not drop off some tags with a memo about Pet Loyal at a dog park near my home. These are for sure dog lovers in a dog community. It seems a more likely spot to gain followers in this aspect. I set out one night and pet my memmo and tags in the dog park where everybody can see. Though I never bothered to go back and check the result if any tags were taken. I should probably go do that soon. But as long as the message is getting out there and I kept at it, where its now or 10 years, the mission keeps going.

And a surprising car banner was out there the other day in Seven Corners. A huge ADOPT DON”T SHOP sign on a truck for many to see. Seems I’m not the only one trying different tactics to save animals.




Well, what a great way to continue bringing awareness to everybody on the roads I travel on. First it was my Pet Loyal Project bumper sticker and now its Vegan For The Animals. Something I truly believe in and hopefully can change peoples mind with a simple message. I think its important that one we show the public there are more and more vegans and vegetarians in this world. Making it a new norm. That we are not some crazy animal lovers or meat haters. Then two that I show why I believe in it. I think animals like cats, dogs, and bunnies that people in America adore are the same as pigs, cows and chickens. And set a tone for hopefully people to pause and think. I think thats what it takes. I think it takes someone to think. And the more they think and the less they can ignore it. The more people can realize what is “normal” is not right. Its almost pretty hard to argue when they face the facts. Plus when people are bored driving, it gives them something to read about anyway.



As the title reads, Its time to step up my game. I really thought social media was going to make this happen. To grow and grow slowly, surely and organically. I was a little confident in myself and that an issue such as dogs and cats dying left and right would tug on hearts. The after making a post with a new dog joining the movement, at least one person would follow. Oh boy, I was proven wrong.

But with time and maturity, I’ve learned to slow down. Things take time and need a chance. Of course, I will never give up. I wasn’t going to go there. I’m not down, I’m not depressed, and I haven’t lost faith. And that’s the important part. To keep chugging along. That one day it will and can take off. Because with any issue you care about, you always have to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So what now? Time to try new tactics, time to take new chances. Just keep hoping something will work. Now being a project manager and all. I’ve been trained to solve things. To reevaluate and assess. Make new plans and see them through. And that’s how I can take Pet Loyal Project, its an adventure in my mind. To see this thing grow from infancy into success and that’s very exciting to me. I can take on lots of risks because its mine and there virtually no consquences. The project just keeps going on and I keep going. I’m not going to lose cash and the project will not fail. The only reason it fails because I lose the will.

It is always on my mind whether I’m working on it or not. I am always busy and do something non stop. I think I’ve spoken about that enough. The job, the house, the kid, taking care of my mother, etc. I realize I have a lot of time. I get pushed to limits and you find out what your true abilities are. Its just whether I want to waste it away playing Fortnite or FIFA. But those even aren’t a waste because I need to let my mind unwind haha. So I definitely get a game or two in every few days. Its too fun, that’s bad of me.

But now Its time to try something bold. I always remember that marketing scheme by Redbull who put tons of Redbull cans in a busy high end professional working district in London.  People saw the cans everywhere in the trash, and thought wow all these rich and smart people must be doing redbull. A simple assumption. I’m going to do it too. And that was one way to get the name in every household. Maybe I leave my Pet Loyal tags near dog park or metro on way to work. People pick it up, people get curious, people get involved. I also decided to make more outreach to Pet organizations in the area. I put up multiple posts on craigslist to no avail. People just don’t see the urgency. So I need to go to them.

I think the issue is hard for people’s mind to wrap around. Its like the Holocaust or the Killing Fields of Cambodia, people just find it hard to believe. So then they brush it off from their minds. I’m contsnatly thinking and changing up ways how to deliver my message. Then one day, I’ll have a nice fine tuned message that everybody can understand and climb on board.

Just keep at it.


There was this lovely dog named Oscar who my wife and I have watched a number of times. He was a cute little dog with a exploring personality. He must have been some sort of chihuahua mix since I’ve never seen anything like him. I can’t find any photos of him for some reason. I won’t get into any details but the basis situation like we have heard so many times is. The owner was moving across the country to take a new job on and couldn’t bring the dog along. I’ve been bothered by this for quite some time.

Here is a cute little dog that does not cause trouble of any kind. But because of a new job, this poor little guy was going to be given up for adoption. How long has the owner had Oscar? 6 years….. I mean its not some little pet you got recently and was bad or didn’t get attach you. Thats like long life friends sort of time. I get it, it stough. But this owner was getting a new job with Microsoft or similar notoriety. I couldn’t believe it. I understand its a little far and that it could cost some money to transport Oscar. But to just give up on him like that was heartbreaking. Assuming that doing computer or IT work for Microsfot, you would for sure be making bankkkkkk. That the little extra cost to bring along this friend who has stuck by you your whole life. That Oscar life woul have to be upended. For all his loyalty he has given, it was not returned. And that is what Pet Loyal is about. That understand almost any and all circumstances. You be loyal to your pet. Why because they would do it for you.

Especially for reasons like these. A few hundred a one day flight to bring on sweet Oscar and live on the west coast. It couldn’t be accomplished. Oscar was secondary. Oscar was too much trouble. Oscar wasn’t worth $300. So come on people, lets be Pet Loyal.


I rarely make posts based on news or media findings. My wife always comes upon interesting, sad, inspiring, shocking, insightful articles regarding the mission of my blog. I have a NEWS section for that. And this one in particular made worth sharing front page worthy. I’m always heartfelt when it comes to advocate for causes for so long. Does it not burn you out? Make you mad? Give up hope? Make your mind go crazy? Lose faith in society?

Funny a game show might be a source of such inspiration. But Bob Barker of the Price Is Right is one of those people. He’s willing to give away all his money to help animals. What better love is that than to give away all your money to save the animals you love. Please watch this CBS morning special about it all.


Progress has been slow on the Pet Loyal Project. I’m getting mixed results and some confusing comments thus far. Some people have loved the idea and donated to the cause. I’m extremely happy and thankful to those people. While others like my posts on reddit think completely opposite. Its just a tag that can’t do anything. Its a tag that I somehow implied to profit from. What can a tag do? What does a tag tell people?

I’m still very confident in my resolve on how I want to tackle this issue. There is only one thing to do, give facts, share knowledge and stop the madness. Though some people might not understand the end goal and its strategy, it will not stop me from saving the pets. There 100 things somebody who works and has a family needs to do everyday. To just keep the train going and steady on course. Throw in a side project that needs to flourish and you might burn out. I try to hit so many locals on Instagram and facebook in Arlington, Falls Church, Annandale, Fairfax, Chantilly, etc.

Anybody with a child will know the complete drain, fatigue, stress, frustration yet happiness that came along with it. I don’t know how my grandmothers gave birth to 10 kids. My sense of time is warped. Days go by without even realizing or remembering it happened sometimes. Its an out of body experience. But its one thing I learned is to be patient. That in a month or year, as long as you get there. And its better than failing and doing nothing. I say sorry to all the sweet and wonderful pets out there that its taking so long.  That each day thousands of you are dying, while I just sit here typing and not having a thing done about it. I wish with every effort resulted in saving you all. I hate to use my energy wasted on those who don’t see the plan and vision to save you all.

This is still a good idea idea to me. I still have hope. I cling to that hope. And I pray that my hope is good enough to give me the energy and persistence to keep working and not let you all down.