My Sweet Natural Vegetarian

Who wants to hear something funny as hell? My sweet now 2 year old boy hates to eat meat of any sort. Like literally. Whatever the reason is. Whether it be taste, texture, or some inner moral compass. My wife tries everything in her power to get him to his “protein”. He eats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice, tofu, soups, blah blah, whatever you name it. He loves his carbs though, absolutely loves it.

But whenever she sneaks in a hint of meat into whatever maze of food on the soup. He will stop eating and spit it out. I mean she cuts it, mashes it, minces it, fluffs it, or any other crazy method to infuse it. He can sniff it out in a hot second and out of the mouth it goes hahaha. I just laugh and laugh.

Crow Babies

Well I was able save all but one story I had written for this blog. So here we go again!

My cousin had Snapchatted a nest of crow babies on his desk. I was very surprised how this happen. He actually was cutting down a very large tree in front of his house. The tree cutters had some compassion to save these birds from imminent death from falling down.

Of course being the animal lover that I am. I reached out to him about what happened, how did he happened, what did he plan on doing. He thought they were fine as he fed them food and water. Logically you think that would be ok. But typically that is not what you’re supposed to do. You have but 2 options. Which is to put in a tree nearby with hopes that the mother comes to rescue them. Or two bring to a animal rescue center. I had to urge him to contact the rescue center and let them know there was readily available organizations waiting to help in situations like these. He thought they would be alright and would fly soon. I’m like no way they are not ready to fly.

ERRRKKKK. Back track. This what happens when a post is deleted and I have to rewrite a month later. I freakin forgot details. I actually called my mom about it and asked if she remember the phone number of agency we used for the fox incident. ERKKK back track more. Quite a few years ago, my father saw an injured fox with his legs broken I believe. He went to go save the fox and held it for the night. He called a non emergency number and someone was able to come at 2am or some crazy time of night to pic up the fox. These animal advocates help to take in injured animals and rehabilitate. Thats where I got the idea to reach out again. My mother actually forgot who it was. But she informed my uncle to tell my cousin to find someone. My uncle didn’t know what to do either.

I was kind of frustrated at this point with so many people involved and my cousin was leaving for a work trip the next day! Who would take care of the precious crow babies. I had a slim slim chance thinking a mom would come save them. My cousin said he saw another crow not too far squawking quite a bit so who knows. I told that it could be a chance the parents would come back to save them. I said let me get back to you. I will reach out to the animal non profits and have them reach out to you. It was like 6-7pm at night, so I was a little pessimistic on finding someone. I called the county and some shelters in hope to reach someone. But all dead lines. I just prayed and hope for the best that Mother Nature would assist. My cousin did say after all the mother appeared to be there. I also found it funny that cousin knew I was a super animal lover and best to let me make the right decision. I just prayed the birds can last a day or two.

The next day. I got called 4 different times throughout the day. But no message. If anything important, typically leave a voicemail. I was on the train, in the bathroom or in a meeting during those times. SUCH BAD TIMING. I had to assume it was them, who else would be calling. I tried calling back and received nothing. I reached out to my cousin and let him know they must have been calling me. And ill try to give them your number.

He actually told me his sister reached out to a local animal hospital and they provided a number of someone. And that someone was a crow lady of some sort that came and got them! So a happy story in the end! Lots of people and coordination and efforts. Our fault to cut trees down, least we can do is help out when we can.

F*$k This G#d D*#N S#!T

Hey everyone,

Well this was a big lesson in website management and protocol. I never thought this would happen and didn’t think about it. But my website went totally down and I lost everything. God thing for a 2 year old zip file transfer of my website and some google cache and website time machine. I was able to retrieve EVERYTHING but one post. I count my blessings.

So much hard work and time and logging on my life and goals. Gone. I wasn’t that devastated but more just Really….? Its on me to back up my own stuff and not the Hosting company. Never will be on them. You gotta pay up. So I have only to blame myself. There was an issue with the Database which needed upgraded and they lost everybody’s old shit.

Not going to sit and complain. Just lesson learned on management and got some good website IT knowledge to get it all back up and running. Keep moving, keep fighting, don’t be down. Nobody is going to feel sorry for me. Keep sharing my thoughts, keep working towards a better future for my family and animal friends. LETS GET BACK TO IT!


I went with my In-Laws Today to visit the Taiwanese temple. Its also good to visit every once in awhile to just reflect on life. Hear some good scriptures on living a good life and having good karma. I was pleasantly surprised how many people were in attendance. There were a couple of kids who couldn’t bear to sit and listen for a few hours haha ( I remember the feeling). But one highlight is there is always vegetarian food served every Sunday. I love it because it shows the different options to have good food without the killing. Its something a lot of people can share and have younger generation be exposed too. The idea is to give options and allow individuals to make the choice. I just wanted to share this small part of my weekend.


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April 16th, 2019. A New Years celebration for us Cambodians, Thais, and Laos folks. My family heads to the Temple in Silver Spring, Maryland every single year. A place we get be with family and friends by eating, dancing, seeing shows and praying for blessings. I look forward to it every year to celebrate my culture and family heritage. And especially the swanky modern Cambodian outfits my wife and son get to wear. My Cambodian traditional clothes are about 15 years old, I think its time for an update.

Among the thousands of people who come to celebrate the year. There are some main guests that are in the background of the main temple complex. A family of geese set up top on the building and some of the bushes laying the stairway. Nobody touches them. Nobody mocks them. Nobody tries to play with them. These animals are looked as scared and special animals since the Cambodian temple is its home. I see the level of respect these animals receive from every single person visiting. They are elevated as an animals group and given a respect as I would any monk. Don’t blast me for comparing a monk to an animal, but you get the point. But what makes them special? Just because they decided to make this place its home? What if a chicken, cow, or pig decided escaped and make the temple its home? Would we give the same respect and admiration? I find it funny in a place where the values and morals of reincarnation. You’re family member is a bug! hahahah. That more of us aren’t vegetarian or vegan.

I wish the respect and admiration people gave these geese on temple grounds knew no boundaries. Any animals on any land can live free and without danger. That all animals deserve such care and value. As they were sitting up top on the temple viewing everyone on the ground. I just had hope for the future for all animals. That for the animals at this place and how they were treated as a glimpse of what the future holds.





A pre-Memorial Weekend beach trip with the family, extended family and best family friends. My Sister In law made reservations at the most extravagant beach house in Duck, North Carolina aka Outer Banks. It was absolutely amazing the second we walked in. Huge kitchen, massive bedrooms with bathrooms, personal pool, jacuzzi, theather room, surround sound and TV’s everywhere. AND an elevator! Can’t believe it. It was just a stone throw away to the beach. Its great sometimes to just forget all the work and house chores to enjoy family, food, laughter and fun. We hope to do this yearly, I mean why not?!

This resulted in a number of times where nature, animals, and veganism came into play. Too many things too touch on. But here are a few things to remember:
– Walking on the beach at night and finding crabs running around
– Seeing wild horses on the beach (originally from the Spanish adventurers!)
– Seeing tons of birds fly around which my son Henry loved
– A pleasant Possum visitor who visited us at night
– Just enjoying the night sky and beach wind
– Not eating any meat during the whole Trip
– Eating only veggies at an AYCE seafood restaurant. Thank you for understanding Captain George’s
– Making a stand and voicing my opinion on veganism and animals
– Saving dragonflies and other bugs who got stuck in the house and set them free

Quite eventful time wasn’t it. Like I said before, its all about slowing down to think. Once you can really slow down and enjoy nature, your surroundings and the life around you. Things start to change. You start to appreciate and admire the uniqueness and gift we have around us. Its easy to say here and experience myself but hard to get others to share this or understand.

Onto the thick of things and a time I can not forget. My friends wife and my mom about near the end of the trip asked do you eat eggs and milk Virak? I said no I do not it is a disgusting industry and do you know what happens to them? I don’t know why but Ive never really been asked why do I do what I do. Why is it I don’t eat meat or products form animals? I felt this push to explain why and when I do, I’m not going to hold back. It is a disgusting truth and needs to be told. A part of me always holds back from my mother. I know its something she doesn’t want to hear and these sort of topics are not important to discuss. But in me I feel as her son, I hope she understands me and choice I make. And I hope that even at an older age and from a different view on the world, she could just understand.

She keep going I know I know what happens. I harped on the fact on what happens to be baby male chickens. They don’t even see the light of day for a minute. They are grinded. I wanted to show the cruelty. I didn’t show the actual grinding but just a glimpse of the madness at the beginning. My mom was pissed she goes no I know, dont show me! I stepped back and walked away. It was a short heated exchange but not with hate but ignorance on the situation. What makes me hate though is the case to hide the truth. When it comes to situations like my mothers in the Killing Fields, that people also did not want to hear the truth. That people did not want to believe it. With any atrocity or madness in this world, people just want to shun it. And I find it difficult to bear coming from my mothers situation. That if something again where to happen or about my mother, that if someone were to do the same. I would be furious. And these issues whether animal or people are the same to me. The immense and disgusting suffering. It honestly defies my moral compass and logic.

And whilst sitting there, my family and friends wondered what happened. Of course, I told them what happened and why. My one friend said I shouldn’t have done that to my mother but he understand. It was a time to get people off my back. And at least he was able to listen. That maybe I couldn’t change his mind but at least he would try to understand. Now at this point as always. Other members didn’t like this conversation and made some remarks which I wasn’t so happy about. I honestly feel quite insulted that this would come from them. Lke an internet troll hiding behind a cloak and saying remarks without thought or care. Thats the saddest part of it all. They heard nothing from me or think im crazy. I honestly hate to feel I’m crazy. It makes my brain go nuts. That everything i’m so passionate for and care for in my core is just ridiculous.

I’m sitting there spilling my heart out and trying not to be emotional about it. One thing people use to discredit me. Maybe they don’t say positive things or negative. But I can’t help the feeling I get of feeling dumb. I feel like a little boy screaming for help and people just looking at me. Walking by as if they don’t notice anything. Like I said that night, I felt so alone in that situation but felt so impowered at the same time. That I can’t stop believing in what I do and for my cause. I made my points in a concise and calm manner. I stuck to my guns. And a place where people didn’t want to listen. And I”M NOT GOING TO STOP.

I have 2 thoughts coming off this after typing. One being, I can’t imagine how the people who actually endured this social injustice in the past felt. When someone tried to get up and speak about slavery, womens rights, gender equality, etc and been laughed at or ignored. Issues we see and laugh at and don’t think could really happen. I think back to the suffragist the most. Women who spoke up for their rights. Knowing men have mothers, wifes, sisters, or daughters and yet they would have still ignored or laughed at women standing up for the cause. Its actually heartbreaking to know. That they couldn’t sit and think about it all. That women had to claw, kick and scream to be heard. Even be assaulted or died until people might bat an eye. Is that what vegans need to do for people to truly notice?

And lets think about those horses and specism. Nobody cares to hear about my little chickens or mother cows being raped. Let me put those cute ponies into the shredder the second they are born. Or all those dogs I saw raped for milk. Lets see if they lend an ear then.


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Busy Bees

Its spring time! Which means lots of warm weather, some showers, green thumbs, and life abound. Its a great feeling to have and excitement for the upcoming season. My wife and I have been taking care of our gardening and landscaping this past week and everything is turning out so well. My son is thoroughly enjoying himself and running around. I’m so happy to see him playing, getting dirty, throwing sticks and taking in the widllife. He loves birds and watching them fly. They chirp high in the trees and he can’t stop looking for them.

This spring time launch and awakening by all life has also led to some unfortunate situations but GREAT CONCLUSIONS! I was out inside the yard cleaning my car when I heard my wife call for me. I asked her what did she want? She told me they were bees in the house. (Heres the key, no exclamation point at the end of that sentence). There was a time not too long ago where my wife and I might freak out a little bit or a lot when some big bees were in the house. Yes crazy bees with huge stingers that pierce your skin and cause a lot of pain. Ouch! But that is not our reaction no more. My wife very calmly told me where the bees were and that they were honey bees. She said, “Don’t hurt them, get them out”.

I was thinking to myself how the heck can I get I get some bees safely, transport them, and have them outside without harming them or myself. Any indication of danger and I’m a nice target. I quickly though, why not just vacuum them up and put them outside? That should work! They might get a huge headache for a second, but they will be safe outside. I saw them buzzing on the window trying to get out. They don’t want to be in our house as much as we don’t want them too. No sense in smashing them like before if I have a safe method that protects us all.

A big lesson in this is how my wife has come to realize and see these things. How important life is and what a big contribution environmentally that bees and especially honey bees provide. They are just trying to live like everything else. That our environment heavily relies on these guys to survive and thrive. Its not a simple smash and kill them all. Its not a “THERES A BUG! KILL IT!” reasoning for it all. And that’s a little outlook on how we have grown as people. That we can stop to think and assess and appreciate things. Not to be so quick and kill for the sake of it when its not needed. Life is preciious, I’ll say it again and again. Bee’s didn’t come on this earth to harm me as their sole mission. They were just flying around, searching and searching for an exit. They didn’t know what to do and looked so confused. I felt so bad for them.

I gently placed them outside of my front yard where they could be free again. Keep going my busy bees, the world needs you.


Training the Next Generation

One big topic that I love to think about and others do not really think about is the eating culture and habits we have in our everyday lives. What we want to eat, desire to eat and learn to eat is deeply rooted in the early stages of our life. It is simply routine. We are taught and trained on how to live by previous generations. What morals we have, how we treat others, our prejudices, how we talk, our work ethics and hundreds of other habits are learned. Little do people know or think about who we are as people is passed on. Its very logical. We as humans try to do the best for ourselves and our children.

Thats what brings the topic of veganism and vegetarianism to mind. Why is it we eat what we do? What do like the foods we do? How come I crave Cambodian food and Popeyes as a kid. WHile someone else craves Indian food, Mexican food, or Italian food. Its simple. Its what we ate growing up, its what we know, its what we learned. And as I became a father; I started to learn so much about this topic. What my son wants to eat, what his choices are and what we decide to feed him. Its Mommy and Daddy’s decision . He eats what we give him.

And thinking about this perplexing topic, well as my son grows up. What is he going to eat or not eat. As a vegetarian father, he’s going to start eating what I teach him is good and delicious. I’m the turning point for my family and future generations on their eating habits. Take the case for milk. I’m still very open to what we feed him. And yes some might bash me for it. But any parent knows how hard feeding a child can be. As long as they eat, you are happy. He will make his own choice one day on what his lifestyle should be. I will not force on him but have him learn.

But back to the main point, he for awhile ate his Cherrios with regular cows milk. Then Daddy decides to switch to Almond Milk with his cherrios. My boy didn’t bat and eye and devoured it. He’s only one and half and eats his Cheerios with either milk. So whats the point here. He is fine with either milk. Why would I choose a more cruel option. If I went with Almond Milk all the way. That is what he is going to learn to drink and like. And from his toddler to adult years. He will learn this is the choice to make. Just like everyone makes a choice to eat what they are accustomed too. And you can take that knowledge and adapt to all other areas. When it comes to what it is protein or his butter. He will learn all alternatives as his choice. That not only its good but cruelty free. Why would he choose to eat meat or drink cows milk but he doesn’t like the taste or texture of it. Why choose a different eating lifestyle when what his family has given him has been perfectly fine and delicious all along.

A simple choice that we make can have lasting impact for generations.

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I love what I’m seeing around me in my life. I love going to a restaurant and seeing vegetarian and vegan options clearly labeled out. I love going to the grocery store and seeing new vegan food items and dedicated planted based sections in an aisle. I love seeing vegan celebrities putting out awareness on the many benefits of being vegan. I love it coming on TV and radio. Its everywhere. Its mainstream. Its real.

I think all throughout history there are social and moral changes. You read it in the history books and watching documentaries. Big changes of human beings. Life changes as we know it. Whether it be religious, technology related, social, moral, culinary, you name it. There are impacts that happen and can take ages and years to occur. Its an exciting time for me as I make a change in my life toward being better and wanting to see that change in society. Vegetarian and veganism is real and here. We at a period of history and time when we begin to see the change transitioning. It dawns on us what seem deem as the Age of Reason.

I fully believe in it. In an age of reason, you dont need some outside force or higher authority to tell you what is right or wrong. You only need your mind and heart to guide you. Look at your surroundings and contemplate a truth. That truth which is a cruelty and suffering of animals is not right. That is the new mainstream. I’m just so happy in my soul to see it happening before my eyes.

I was out grocery shopping with my wife and child the other day at Giant. I see more and more options for vegan options all around me. ANd it blew my mind that White Castle makes a vegan burger. That big companies that are recognized by the common person has also made a switch. Whether it be internal moral compass or we animal lovers hit them in the pocket. The result is the same. Less animals suffering. Lets keep the momentum up!!! ANIMALS ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD!




Real Veg

I’m always in turmoil and arguing between myself with my heart and mind on how vegetarian am I? I have these battles and conflicts on what constitutes me to be a real vegetarian. Am I doing well? Is it ok? If I talked to others about being vegetarian and vegan would they blame me? I think I’m tough on myself because I always need to be better. Three things came up in past few months that had me thinking about it again. Still eating meat on occasion with family. Another post I saw on Instagram asking How much percentage vegan are you? And reading an article online about what truly makes you a vegetarian or vegan (more on why this is an issue)?

Its really just coming to terms on what my reality is and what I can do. Making my mind and efforts meet the actions I do day to day. One word of advice and not to back track is don’t slip. You won’t be taken seriously and it takes away from the goal. I think you can take any beliefs or lifestyles of a person and if they don’t do it 100%, then how valid is it? If you are willing to bend here, then where else are you willing to bend? I honestly don’t blame people for thinking so, I honestly blame myself for not sticking it to all the way through. But in circumstances like my in laws or strangers who offer me food with meat and I don’t refuse, its just my reality. As much as my passion and love for the moral issue, a lot of other stuff is at play then I anticipated. I have tried to come to terms with it. Its a on and off switch to eating meat. I forget it. Its almost primal instinct to just think to eat is to survive and it oks for these instances. I pray and give thanks to the animals and move on. I know it will anger and piss off most who might read of this, but its my reality and my life. There are many other issues where others must face for morality and poses a challenge. But this is a long haul, I hope to stick with it.

I forgot what Instagram page asking how much percentage vegan am I. But in the end, the message was better than nothing. Whether 10% of time or 90% time being vegan, its saving some animals rather than none. Its stopping giving money to the corporate ags that make profit off the slaughtering of animals. And even though my wife have always given me that message, its good to hear it elsewhere too. It helps me me cope with my reality. That being 100% is the goal but its still OK if not. We are all moving together to shift society views little by little. All of these things culminate to show a growing movement and makes me feel my efforts are not in vain. Because when I make mistakes, it doesn’t stop giving momentum.

Another simple thought is what makes a true vegan or vegetarian. That you don’t eat meat to save an animal but the pesticides used to protect your plants kills hundreds of bugs. In an effort to save one, you killed hundreds of others. Is that OK? I think questions always come up to challenge our beliefs. But I think its good. It makes us strive to be better. Its like a science or argument in court. You make your case better. You get facts to better solidify your conclusion. Its hard to think a good effort for the most just cause is in fact counter productive. The article even stated about how one noticed the bugs and life being uprooted and killed just to till the land to plant the vegetables. In the simpliest of actions for our well being to grow food, we can still cause so much destruction. But I make my argument that we try to do our best. We try to take account for all things to cause the least affect on life. That a farmer or someone might notice how we till can kill and change the practice to minimize it.

Another main point is, these bugs and worms living in the ground and affected by our plant eating ways is more natural. These life forms get a chance to grow old and life a good life. They aren’t subject to a systemic method of torture and vicious cycle. These chickens, pigs and cows are put in pain from birth to the end. And everything in between is misery. It is a process we implement knowingly and ignore the dark side. Something easily and well within our hands to stop.

I apologize to all lifeforms in all instances of pain and suffering. The choices we humans make are trying for the better. Please forgive us.