A Greener Disney

The magical world of Disney. Yes it is. Oh yes yes yes it is. Its everything I dreamed of and more this time around. Now I sound spoiled, we already went last year and took Henry. But it was much more relaxing this time around. Less people, perfect weather, hes old enough to know what’s going on. We didn’t go to crazy.

Henry loved so many rides, pure joy and happiness. I’m so proud of him. The employees of Disney World really make the magic. They are so kind and go out of their way to make it a wonderful experience. All the Disneg characters were wonderful in playing with kids and making them happy. Henry my recognized his favorite Toy Story characters and was so delighted to see them.

But the real winner of it all, mother earth and the animals. I was so happy to see every single restaurant location in all of th Disney parks have vegan options. I mean that’s a bold statement from the millions of people who visit each year. To visit any restaurant and know that fries and a salad aren’t your only option! HAHA!

And the food is good, it isn’t some throw together rat tag filler food. It’s going to taste good and you will leave happy. I got the vegan dog like last time because it’s so delicious. But also another vegan burger at the Hollywood studios park.

Another thing to point out was environmental efforts I see around the place. One most notably on its shuttle buses about cleaner fuel. We all need to chip in make a difference. And if these little differences can lead to bigger efforts and awareness. I will have to give super big Kudos to Disney World in understanding the changing culture and thinking forward. Keep up the momentum. You made this customer’s family extremely happy.

By the way, go check out the Star Wars ride! It’s the best in the world! And never doing Haunted Drop Zone again. As you can tell from pictures…..

Cambodian Horror Story

I like to read up on Cambodia on weekly basis. A simple “Cambodia” search in Google News and a vast of articles from various news outlets will pop up. Usually you get something about the politics, businesses, crime, or entertainment news. But what popped up first just an hour prior to writing this, its absoutley horrid and gut wrenching. Its midnight and I can’t stop thinking about it. The ultra cruel dog meat business.

You can semi relate to individuals who eat regular farm aniamls be it just going with flow and never seeing animals. But Man’s best friend takes it one more level. I just can’t seem to fathom the reality of it all. I wanted to Puke, I wanted to wish so hard it not be true. I’m Cambodian, I’m about to visit there in a couple weeks, and it seems im walking gleefully into the under belly of some hidden beast.

I can’t see my people doing this, I can’t see them liking it. Where is this coming from? This story by Express UK goes to unraveling the dark side of the story. Dogs rounded up from the streets. Harmed while being caught. They know what’s coming, they understand. The fear and horror knowing you are about to be beaten with a in, throat slit, or drowned. How can this be as my 3 dogs sit only a few feet away from me. Next morning, we will go out and play and enjoy the day.

I will praise Four Paws International for there amazing work to expose such cruelty. At the end of the day, it’s the people who eat the dogs, at the end of the day it’s up to us to stop it.

At the sad side of things, the business its field by the poor who try to make a living. They have choice. A prime example if more choices be given where a person can make money for a living. They might do these crazy sog killing practices to feed these people. And they would have no one to do the dirty work for them. I pray and pray. I wish all my furry friends safe travels and your suffering as ended. I weep for you. I hope my efforts can do something.

Please read and follow www.four-paws.org and donate if you can.

The Magical Zoo

A tough topic. I remember a long time ago at Virginia Tech ethics class. Why should or why we shouldn’t have zoos. It was a rather big debate though I can’t remember the details. Both sides making great points. Is it a jail and death trap? Or is it a place of infinite food and medical care? Are they adored? But do they even know?

I hate to discuss it. A month ago, my family went to the St.Louis Zoo. We were in the city for a friend of my wife’s wedding. We thought it would be a good time to go outdoors and knowing how my son is an animal lover like myself. You love zoo’s and I love zoo’s as a child and growing up. Seeing the hundreds of different animals to gaze upon. You are keeping these animals from being free. Confined for life into a box which they can never get out. They won’t go beyond the box. Its a terrible thing.

But I look to the positives for now. Zoo’s appear to be here to stay. The research and study we can get from having these animals captive can one day the hope to save them. Its a bleak way of looking at it. But its a tough necessity. We wouldn’t be able to get such research and learn from them in the wild when its too late. A few will have to suffer for the benefit of the rest.

I look to my son now and other children who stare at these animals with wonder and amazement. There is such love in their eyes for these animals. The world’s plight for endangered species due to poaching and possible climate change might be solved by the spark lit in one of these children coming to the zoo. Pictures and video simply don’t match the aura and feeling from the animals you get seeing in person. Seeing the gorilla and how human like they are is eerie. Its us. These animals in nature are a part of us and we need to protect them.

For now, lets use it as a tool. Until the world becomes a better and more understanding place with our wildlife, we will get rid of the shackles of zoos then.

I’m Simply Sorry

The other night I was letting my dogs out around 10pm. It was quite late and I’m just cleaning up the yard per usual. I hear this distinct buzzing noise. Low and behold I look up at the yard light. A massive nest with 20 wasps flying around.

I was only feet away. None tried to attack me. I had to destroy the nest. For my family safety and my pets. It would only get worse and worse. They made a new home in a spot that would conflict with us. It was close to our entry doorway.

I thought I might be able to hose them down. Destroy the nest and let the others flee. I sprayed it until the nest came crashing down. While it was slowly breaking a part. I saw dozens of wasps in their. And even dozens of larvae more. I felt terrible. All they do is want to live. Create a family and continue on line any other creature. It’s grim reality even the kindest hearted have to face time to time. A neccesity.

That night and next morning. The ones that feed came flying back and forth and around the nest. They were confused. I’m walking freely and none stil attacked. I’m the asshole. I’m the devil in this case. All I can do is say I’m sorry. I hooe you make a new home and can life safe.

Teenage Regular Non Ninja Turtle

What an interesting and amazing site. My wife while gardening and landscaping a couple months ago found this Box turtle in our bushes! It has been almost 2 decades since we have seen some random turtles. I have many many many fond memories of turtles in my life.

My father has always been one to save turtles. Odd to say now haha. Every time we randomly drive around through different highways or neighborhoods in Virginia. There would be painted turtles trying to cross roads. I don’t know how they get there or how they would actually cross and get over curbs. My father would pull over or stop in middle of road and run out to get them. We then go to a local pond and release them. I guess another chapter of my life leading me to love animals and appreciate them. One super special turtle my dad wanted to save didn’t get hit by 4-5 cars driving directly over it. We actually kept this turtle and put in our pond. Our whole family loved to see this turtle and cherish him/her. Swimming around and always wanting our attention. It was almost like a pet dog or cat.

Continuing on the original story. My wife found this turtle just walking around our front yard. My wife being the new super animal advocate as me wondered what to do. I knew it was best to bring back to water though I know they don’t need to be near it 24/7 or swimming. My wife told me to save him. AND STUPID ME. I was suppose to drop him/her off at the local creek only a few blocks down. I didn’t. I was sure he would have been dead.

A few weeks later. I was pulling out the trash can and recycling bin from the side of the house. HE OR SHE WAS THERE! How did it survive for so long just near our house. I’m assuming unless they went swimming somewhere and came back. This time I did the right thing and took it to the creek. But it didn’t even care to go and just speed off again haha. Oh the irony. Good luck to you!

My Sweet Natural Vegetarian

Who wants to hear something funny as hell? My sweet now 2 year old boy hates to eat meat of any sort. Like literally. Whatever the reason is. Whether it be taste, texture, or some inner moral compass. My wife tries everything in her power to get him to his “protein”. He eats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice, tofu, soups, blah blah, whatever you name it. He loves his carbs though, absolutely loves it.

But whenever she sneaks in a hint of meat into whatever maze of food on the soup. He will stop eating and spit it out. I mean she cuts it, mashes it, minces it, fluffs it, or any other crazy method to infuse it. He can sniff it out in a hot second and out of the mouth it goes hahaha. I just laugh and laugh.

Crow Babies

Well I was able save all but one story I had written for this blog. So here we go again!

My cousin had Snapchatted a nest of crow babies on his desk. I was very surprised how this happen. He actually was cutting down a very large tree in front of his house. The tree cutters had some compassion to save these birds from imminent death from falling down.

Of course being the animal lover that I am. I reached out to him about what happened, how did he happened, what did he plan on doing. He thought they were fine as he fed them food and water. Logically you think that would be ok. But typically that is not what you’re supposed to do. You have but 2 options. Which is to put in a tree nearby with hopes that the mother comes to rescue them. Or two bring to a animal rescue center. I had to urge him to contact the rescue center and let them know there was readily available organizations waiting to help in situations like these. He thought they would be alright and would fly soon. I’m like no way they are not ready to fly.

ERRRKKKK. Back track. This what happens when a post is deleted and I have to rewrite a month later. I freakin forgot details. I actually called my mom about it and asked if she remember the phone number of agency we used for the fox incident. ERKKK back track more. Quite a few years ago, my father saw an injured fox with his legs broken I believe. He went to go save the fox and held it for the night. He called a non emergency number and someone was able to come at 2am or some crazy time of night to pic up the fox. These animal advocates help to take in injured animals and rehabilitate. Thats where I got the idea to reach out again. My mother actually forgot who it was. But she informed my uncle to tell my cousin to find someone. My uncle didn’t know what to do either.

I was kind of frustrated at this point with so many people involved and my cousin was leaving for a work trip the next day! Who would take care of the precious crow babies. I had a slim slim chance thinking a mom would come save them. My cousin said he saw another crow not too far squawking quite a bit so who knows. I told that it could be a chance the parents would come back to save them. I said let me get back to you. I will reach out to the animal non profits and have them reach out to you. It was like 6-7pm at night, so I was a little pessimistic on finding someone. I called the county and some shelters in hope to reach someone. But all dead lines. I just prayed and hope for the best that Mother Nature would assist. My cousin did say after all the mother appeared to be there. I also found it funny that cousin knew I was a super animal lover and best to let me make the right decision. I just prayed the birds can last a day or two.

The next day. I got called 4 different times throughout the day. But no message. If anything important, typically leave a voicemail. I was on the train, in the bathroom or in a meeting during those times. SUCH BAD TIMING. I had to assume it was them, who else would be calling. I tried calling back and received nothing. I reached out to my cousin and let him know they must have been calling me. And ill try to give them your number.

He actually told me his sister reached out to a local animal hospital and they provided a number of someone. And that someone was a crow lady of some sort that came and got them! So a happy story in the end! Lots of people and coordination and efforts. Our fault to cut trees down, least we can do is help out when we can.

F*$k This G#d D*#N S#!T

Hey everyone,

Well this was a big lesson in website management and protocol. I never thought this would happen and didn’t think about it. But my website went totally down and I lost everything. God thing for a 2 year old zip file transfer of my website and some google cache and website time machine. I was able to retrieve EVERYTHING but one post. I count my blessings.

So much hard work and time and logging on my life and goals. Gone. I wasn’t that devastated but more just Really….? Its on me to back up my own stuff and not the Hosting company. Never will be on them. You gotta pay up. So I have only to blame myself. There was an issue with the Database which needed upgraded and they lost everybody’s old shit.

Not going to sit and complain. Just lesson learned on management and got some good website IT knowledge to get it all back up and running. Keep moving, keep fighting, don’t be down. Nobody is going to feel sorry for me. Keep sharing my thoughts, keep working towards a better future for my family and animal friends. LETS GET BACK TO IT!


I went with my In-Laws Today to visit the Taiwanese temple. Its also good to visit every once in awhile to just reflect on life. Hear some good scriptures on living a good life and having good karma. I was pleasantly surprised how many people were in attendance. There were a couple of kids who couldn’t bear to sit and listen for a few hours haha ( I remember the feeling). But one highlight is there is always vegetarian food served every Sunday. I love it because it shows the different options to have good food without the killing. Its something a lot of people can share and have younger generation be exposed too. The idea is to give options and allow individuals to make the choice. I just wanted to share this small part of my weekend.


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April 16th, 2019. A New Years celebration for us Cambodians, Thais, and Laos folks. My family heads to the Temple in Silver Spring, Maryland every single year. A place we get be with family and friends by eating, dancing, seeing shows and praying for blessings. I look forward to it every year to celebrate my culture and family heritage. And especially the swanky modern Cambodian outfits my wife and son get to wear. My Cambodian traditional clothes are about 15 years old, I think its time for an update.

Among the thousands of people who come to celebrate the year. There are some main guests that are in the background of the main temple complex. A family of geese set up top on the building and some of the bushes laying the stairway. Nobody touches them. Nobody mocks them. Nobody tries to play with them. These animals are looked as scared and special animals since the Cambodian temple is its home. I see the level of respect these animals receive from every single person visiting. They are elevated as an animals group and given a respect as I would any monk. Don’t blast me for comparing a monk to an animal, but you get the point. But what makes them special? Just because they decided to make this place its home? What if a chicken, cow, or pig decided escaped and make the temple its home? Would we give the same respect and admiration? I find it funny in a place where the values and morals of reincarnation. You’re family member is a bug! hahahah. That more of us aren’t vegetarian or vegan.

I wish the respect and admiration people gave these geese on temple grounds knew no boundaries. Any animals on any land can live free and without danger. That all animals deserve such care and value. As they were sitting up top on the temple viewing everyone on the ground. I just had hope for the future for all animals. That for the animals at this place and how they were treated as a glimpse of what the future holds.