Cambodian Horror Story

I like to read up on Cambodia on weekly basis. A simple “Cambodia” search in Google News and a vast of articles from various news outlets will pop up. Usually you get something about the politics, businesses, crime, or entertainment news. But what popped up first just an hour prior to writing this, its absoutley horrid and gut wrenching. Its midnight and I can’t stop thinking about it. The ultra cruel dog meat business.

You can semi relate to individuals who eat regular farm aniamls be it just going with flow and never seeing animals. But Man’s best friend takes it one more level. I just can’t seem to fathom the reality of it all. I wanted to Puke, I wanted to wish so hard it not be true. I’m Cambodian, I’m about to visit there in a couple weeks, and it seems im walking gleefully into the under belly of some hidden beast.

I can’t see my people doing this, I can’t see them liking it. Where is this coming from? This story by Express UK goes to unraveling the dark side of the story. Dogs rounded up from the streets. Harmed while being caught. They know what’s coming, they understand. The fear and horror knowing you are about to be beaten with a in, throat slit, or drowned. How can this be as my 3 dogs sit only a few feet away from me. Next morning, we will go out and play and enjoy the day.

I will praise Four Paws International for there amazing work to expose such cruelty. At the end of the day, it’s the people who eat the dogs, at the end of the day it’s up to us to stop it.

At the sad side of things, the business its field by the poor who try to make a living. They have choice. A prime example if more choices be given where a person can make money for a living. They might do these crazy sog killing practices to feed these people. And they would have no one to do the dirty work for them. I pray and pray. I wish all my furry friends safe travels and your suffering as ended. I weep for you. I hope my efforts can do something.

Please read and follow and donate if you can.

Positive News Blast

Every once in awhile you get some news about animals, environment, or green something. Recently, there has been much more news and positive about our animal world and the environment around us. Who knows what triggered it. Maybe its all the climate change talk facing the world. More protests. The daily news reader might pay more interest to these articles. Whether it be. This past month, there is a great amount of it. I’m happy to see it. Lets get started.

  1. This hits home the most for me. Cambodian bans elephant riding in early 2020. Never would I think I see this day. Back in 2011, I visited Cambodia for the first time with my family and seeing the magnificent Angkor temples. I saw up close and personal the elephants lugging up people up and down the mountain. I was against it and wanted to cry inside. I knew it wasn’t right. But 9 years later, we get the best news ever. Elephants aren’t our slaves to use everyday as transportation. They want to be happy and free. A great ending story.

2) Largest Dairy Milk Producer in America Dean Foods Files for Bankruptcy. Why is that big news? Its just milk right. Cows don’t suffer right. It might be worse. The life they live to get impregnanted and their young taken away. Only to reproduce the cycle over and over and then just be slaughtered in the end anyway. I rather die that be tortured on the daily. Whats a life of torture of living in harshest conditions to just produce milk for us to drink. Something we don’t even need. So many other milk alternatives that are just as good tasting and good for you. Cows milk is for cows. Stop drinking that shit. You don’t need it.

3. Koalas being saved by Australian grandmother. Populations ravaged by wildfires. As much as this a feel good story, it is juxtaposed by the greater story. These bush fires have caused great devastation to their populations. I’m happy to hear locals willing to risk harm to save them. With more news exposure, it brings light to the issue of the species. I hope the community and government make more effort to save them! The injured koalas show so much pain and hurt that is so evident by looking at them. How can anybody think animals have no value or pain or emotion. Just take one look and it changes everything.

4. German circus show uses stunning hologram animals to end animal abuse. Around the world, people have heard the call to end the horrific practice of animals in shows. From the famous Barnum and Bailey ending elephants to Sea World no longer having orcas. It takes our choices and money to end it. We do have the power. And one big feel good story I just found right now, Denmark government buys last four animals to send them to retirement. Wow just wow!

My Beloved Taiwan

My wife and I always joke about my ever dream plan to retire in Taiwan. Why you ask? Its the people. The land. The culture. The life. But most importantly the people. If I were ever to design a utopia or describe how a society should be. The Taiwanese people are it. I can’t say how much I love that country. Yes I picked taiwan even over Cambodia.

My wife then argues how will friends and family ever visit. I say a plane. What if they can’t travel. I said then they can facetime us. Cheeky. I really feel at home and at peace. The people are so kind, the food is so delicious, there is great culture and scenery all over. How many places in htis world where you can travel not have to worry about your safety, well-being, your food being fresh, someone not looking to steal from you, somebody not looking to undercut you. Where in the society you can trust a random stranger almost as family or close friend. I wouldn’t say that for the most developed or modern places. Even in the USA, competition is fierce, poverty is high, your neighbor can despise you.

And so we visited last March again. This time bringing my son. Oh it was a wonderful 24 hours of plane rides and diaper changing and changing sleep times. Henry’s sleep time was from 1pm – midnight, then his nap time was from 3am-5am. Luckily its a city that ALMOSt near sleeps and plenty of places to eat in wee hours of night.

We were able to visit the Zoo which Henry loved so much. He was able to gaze and listen to the sounds of the animals. Never have I seen zoo animals been so active in my life. They typically look like they have given up on life. He very thankfully enjoyed his time so much there. Ate a ton. And hopefully learned some Mandarin while there.

Our one main stopping point was a EXTREMELY DELICIOUS AND AWESOME Vegetarian buffet while we were there. I hate to say I can’t remember the name or location (will have my wife do some digging). But it was the most delicious food I have ever eaten. We’re not talking a good meal. A delicious meal on every front. They have dumplings and noodle dishes. Stations for everything. All sorts of juices and ciders for health. Fake sushi meat. Deep fried mushrooms. And countless other dishes that I do not know what it was or name. Just know it was a taste bud explosion.

It was hidden under a very big building on some abstract street. But to my great surprise, it was JAM PACKED. It seemed like it was everyones last meal. Buffet style restaurant. Everybody was eating up a storm. It was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen in my vegetarian life. That a vegetarian restaurant could gain so much fan fare. Why? cuz its good! People don’t care if its meat or not. As long as it taste good as I say. And this place is it. If its good people will come. It would just so happen this place is in taipei. It wasn’t some unique or speciality place where you are vegetarian or life some lifestyle that you eat here. No its an every woman and man who wants to eat a good meal and enjoy their day.

I can’t wait to retire in Taiwan. Or just maybe go back every year. 🙂

Climate Protests Around The World

I have to give my many thanks, my kudos, my praise, my confidence, my amazement to those who have protested around the world on Climate Change. It struck home here in DC when streets were shut down disrupting traffic and made front page local news.

These individuals have true hearts and minds to bring such an important issue to light. This is not a political issue. It is not an my side vs your side issue. It is a human issue. This affects us all. I understand a change in our economy and society that lead to a greener and brighter future will have negative affects on some. But for the greater good of humanity I hope they can understand.

When water becomes scarce, people lose their homes to rising water levels, when lives are lost to more extreme natural disasters. No one is excluded from the wrath. It doesn’t see race, color, gender, nationality. The time is now to make a change and arguments need to stop.

I know I should have been out there with them. But life always gets in the way. A little disappointed in myself. But I try to make changes everyday at home with my family. A little goes a long way. I commend those who continue to fight.

For example, Greta Thunberg, who has made strides and brought global awareness to the issue. She has been criticized and mocked by a large number of people. Very surprising. It is not an easy issue and no one said a solution was going to be. But the fact we ignore it and squabble over other less important things make it even worse. You may not like her, but she is in fact fighting for you, your future and everyone you know. I think that is a completely selfless and honorable act.

If you watch her video. I understand it can be taken in a negative way. But then how do you expect her or anyone to bring such an important issue to attention. How do you expect her to feel? How do you expect someone who sees the truth where millions can die and suffer to be calm about it. What method would you have like to spread her message? To bring to the forefront such an issue, it takes courage, energy, guts and thick skin. Because if you don’t kick and scream, who will listen to you? So instead of chastising her, lets stand behind her.


You always hear stories on the news or social media about a poor kid being bullied for one reason or another. Whether the victim is a different color, race, gender and endless other ridiculous reasons to bully someone. It is always sad to hear and wish it would stop. The unfortunate part it is does not stop and is a part of our world. Whether we are a child or an adult, there is always friction and discrimination to many encounters. People are prejudice and you have to deal with it.

I think the worst part of it all is now as a father. I want to protect my son from it but you never know when it could happen. You can control your world and have your son live in it. But the situations and parenting in other kids worlds are not the same. They could be abused, not taught the same values, not have the same love, be taught to discriminate. I mean who knows. I would have high hopes and belief that other children can be taught right. Whether they go to school, to a playground, to a mall, or a park, that everybody can be treated with respect and friendliness. Am I a dreamer? No. I understand these realities. Its just a sad fact that I need to fact these realities. And its not a lesson I particularly feel gleeful to teach my son. And if I didn’t teach him. He goes off into this happy go lucky world where nobody can harm him and everybody is a friend. Then an encounter at school which is not prepared for to stand up for himself and be proud. There are bullies out there who don’t really l know any better and will come after you for any reason. But you need to be strong and be confident in who you are as a person to deal with it or ignore it.

Anyways, all these thoughts pertain to a 14 year old boy named Dante in UK who was bullied for being vegan. Like are you serious? He actually got a concussion and they shoved meat down his throat to eat. That is a whole other level of fucked up ness. LIke of all reasons to pick on someone, that is why you do it. And not all that, the actions you take to bully are so far as to physically harm and break his soul down. Absolutely uncalled for. You got to ask what type of environment did these bullies grow up in? Who are their parents and why would they raise a child who could do such a thing? A big lesson would be if they are good parents, what are you going to do about it now? I’m inside quite outraged. Is this what society has come too. We are suppose to be improving as a people and making things better. Not further separating common morals and values to be love and kind to each other. One day it will be a place where everybody hates each other and survival of the fittest in a modern age. Is that what these bullies parents want?

I mean think about whatever reason a child or adult becomes vegan. Sometimes by choice or maybe not due to a health concern. But the fact is, the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle is anti-violence. The exact act of why we do what we do is because we do not condone the torment or violence. So in nature, we are not outright violent people. This sort of violence carried about by these individuals need to be punished by the parents or school board. There is a stance that needs to be taken so this is not accepted as typical behavior. I wish the best for Dante and he has my support for a compassionate lifestyle. He likely just loves animals. A choice I often thought about when bringing up my son food choices and now i have to think about others who want to bring up down just because he loves animals. SICKENING.

It proves ever more that Vegan-ism and Vegetaranism needs to be normalized. That its not same fad or crazy life style choice. Its just being me. Its just a life path that is better for myself, the animals and the world. We are not anymore different than anyone else who eats meat or comes from a certain race, color, or religion. I just choose to put broccoli in my mouth and you do an animals carcass. Outside of that its nothing different. You pick up at the grocery store and put it on a pan to cook. So do I. I find that I have to work harder to prove my life is normal which it is. That I can still be strong, healthy and happy with being vegan. Keep working out and breaking societies negatives views on my lifestyle.



It was a lovely if not magical (haha) time at Disney World recently. My sister in law had the awesome work trip to go to Orlando for Microsoft Ignite. So my wife and I thought it would be nice to tag along and bring our son. It a wonderful experience to stay at a resort with a super legit water pool and pool, lake deck, mini puch and ring games, and not to mention the living area the size of a condo. I think I could live there with my family. One very lucky and fortunate thing was this is somewhat offseason. Lines were not too long or areas too crowded. We may have not been able to do as much as we wanted. Thanks to YOU Henry. But a fun time nonetheless! Animals and happy faces and rides and good things to eat..

Oh wait things to eat. Thats one of the main topics of this blog. I find it ironic that you come to the “animal” kindgom to love animals and a great porition of Disney characters are some sort of animal. But then you can turn around and eat them in the very same time. Its an oxymoron of sorts. Like saving one child from doing sweatshop work making clothes but then go ahead an buy a toy made from a sweatshop child. Like whats the point? But as I always point out things and complain, I look at the positive side of things. Society is the way it is and we have been eating meat for thousands of years. One step forward is one more than before and still forward. Disney has listened to society and is making a small step forward to help be compassionate and cater to those guests at the park who share those values.

Quite a few places to eat at at both places had vegetarian/vegan friendly options. There was a chiptole like style place where you can get a bowl of assorted toppings. They had tofu as one of the protein options. Oh hey lucky me. Good catch and lucky find. My wife and sister in law actually claimed my little tofu bowl was the best tasting compared to their beef and chicken options. But a real kicker for times of changing and thanks to you Disney was a main hot dog spot near the main area of Disney World. Lines and lines that never end and people wanting to eat. There was a PLANT BASED dog clearly pictured on the menu. If i don’t know what else to help make a landmark step, please help me. I was extremely shocked. Even my wife was in awe that they would do such a thing. Thats campaigning for compassionate and loving eating. I was super happy during my visit and worried actually about the food. Only hot dogs and burgers are typically an american thing to it. But now for me, I have no worry.

SO THANK YOU DISNEY! Thank you for showing the millions of guests that come each year the way to be compassionate and this movement is happening. What better joys for a vacation. All the little kids growing up can see this is the norm and a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle is a part of this place.


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I was on Snapchat a couple of weeks ago. Well I’m on it basically everyday and checking every hour. I’m a social media generation sorry. I follow an internet sensation guy named Dan Bilzerian  on his Snapchat stories. He’s best known for his extravagant and wild lifestyle with gambling, partying and women. He’s living life to the max and sure as hell enjoying it from his social media. Why do i follow him you ask? Don’t know, just do see his crazy lifestyle. And my wife says its OK. Don’t worry.

But he is quite a buff and muscular guy who works out quite often. He’s just plain jacked and would whoop most peoples asses. That is probably why the girls love him. And he made a literal snap story about people asking him about his fitness and recommendations. Aside the typical, get some sleep, eat well, being active. He mentioned one thing that people may have missed or completely disregarded as anything of major importance. He said he stays away from dairy and his only exception is pizza because well “pizza is fuckin awesome”. In his own words, to stay away from dairy products.

Mr. Bilzerian has nearly 13 million Facebook followers and 24 million followers on his Instagram. That is quite a wide network and fan following. So you can only guess and imagine easily that his followers on Snapchat are in the millions. You might ask what is the point of this? What does this showman or character have to do with veganism? Quite frankly, he doesn’t have to do anything with veganism. Whatever his reasoning, whether its for environment, the animals or health (though I think its for health). He said don’t eat it.

The message that animal lovers and vegans are praising and preaching everyday is to stay away from dairy and animal products. How many people hear each of our voice? How many people even care what we say? In one Snapchat, he reached millions of people with the message to not eat dairy. Whether you hate him or like him, he probably just helped save the lives of thousands of animals unintentionally. He was just talking about his diet and how he stays fit. That what his simple message. But fans of his want to be him, they want to get girls, they want to be rich , they want to jacked and ripped and live the multi-million dollar lifestyle. People envy and want to do what he does. If giving up dairy helps me get muscular and get girls, then that is a good deal to me. That simple. You get even 10% who somewhat adhere to the non dairy lifestyle, it will be a couple million who will try to cut out milk or opt not to eat cheese. They might do it for a meal or day or get serious to get girls so will cut it out completely.

So I would like to thank Mr. Bilzerian for saving the lives of million of animals even if he did not intend to do so.


My wife, son, mother and I all traveled on a quite ambitious, long, amazing, tiring, stressful, confusing, exhilarating, memorable road trip from southeastern France across all over northern Italy.

Here’s the Itinerary,

Wednesday 4/18/18 Fly
Thursday (Land 12:25pm) 4/19/18
Friday 4/20/18 Lake Como Drive
Saturday 4/21/18 Lake Como
Sunday 4/22/18 Lake Como
Monday 4/23/18 Lake Como/Verona
Tuesday 4/24/18 Verona
Wednesday 4/25/18 Verona/Venice
Thursday 4/26/18 Venice/Turin
Friday 4/27/18 Turin/Provence
Saturday 4/28/18 Provance
Sunday 4/29/18 Provance
Monday 4/30/18 Provance
Tuesday 5/1/18 Provance
Wednesday (Fly 3:25pm) 5/2/18 Provance, London

I kept an open mind and by that I mean no mind at all when going on this trip about what I would encounter when it came to principles and values of this blog. The type of people I would encounter, the way they treat the environment, how animals seem to fair, or food I would eat. I have come to realize I was pleasantly surprised on a variety of occasions. The vegan/vegetarian wave has seem to make its grasp into every grocery store and even in mainstream media. Plant based options are increasing and advertised. You often hear the word “vegan” on day time kids shows. Once on episode of some teenage show that one student called out another student for not being aware that a fellow classmate was vegan. How far we have come.

So on our epic road trip across two long time world cultures with a history that is unmatched by most. It seems that veganism and vegetarianism has also put down its foot in these two countries. In one small grocery store, there was one small section dedicated to vegan frozen goods. In the main supermarket in Verona, there were a variety of frozen and fresh vegan items for sale. And thought they haven’t made the super stride of veganism at restaurants. There are ample and abundant choices of delicious foods for vegetarians. Unfortunately, cheese is a main staple in these Italy and France and not something so easily changed. But even to go away from meats and flesh. It opens your eyes and back to my thought that the battle for compassionate living will be fought in the kitchen. If it tastes good, people will eat it. So you can visit and eat 100 varieties of pasta dishes in Italy with no meat in it at all. And yet you find city populations that rely on this non meat based food.

The fresh markets were abundant all over France. Which points access to fresh and high quality foods for people. There is no need for the factory farming evil that is established in America. People get good quality food quite easily. Which can lead to a further transition in what people know about their food and how they get it. People might not be so ignorant to the cause for compassionate living.

My wife was in heaven with all the different varieties of fresh baked goods. I most definitely engorged myself in the bread and croissants as if it were my last. People have a different air and vibe where we visited. Pleasure took a forefront and was not something that extra time was used for. Food, family and happiness all go hand in hand. People take their time to enjoy life and the environment around them. They walk a ton and don’t eat in the monstrous amounts we do. These lifestyles spare the lives of thousand of animals simply because they do not eat the same amounts as us. I can’t imagine when one day a breakthrough is made to mimic the cheeses. I can see all cows and chickens be let free to roam after that!

There was one time I was caught off guard randomly in Verona. I saw an Adopt, Don’t Shop sticker in the adjacent neighborhood to downtown. So the knowledge and fight for our pet friends is global. The problem doesn’t exist just in the US. But their are fighters everywhere. It was quite invigorating and inspiring to know they are here. I wish I could hand them a Pet Loyal tag to wear around. I tell you people love their pets.

These subtle experiences were very rewarding to me personally how I live my life and what my wife and I would want for our family. Espeically with our son, Henry will be growing up into a new world. How we guide and teach him to be a part of this new world is determined by us. I hope to share with him these values into becoming a compassionate and loving person who respects all life. And whatever decision he decides to make, it can lead to a better world for everyone.






I recently received an email from my mother to show support for the Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia. It was a press release by the organization to garner support by votes for funding from the European Outdoor Conservation Association. Attached was the 2017 Annual Report by Wildlife Alliance. It was rehashing the years highlights, challenges, successes and overall direction of the organization. It is quite typical report for any organization to put out there. I honestly put it off for a few days to read it. Its hard to bear to witness the images of animals in suffering. I know its there but I don’t want to know. Ignoring the pain and sights is the easiest thing to do. I mean its why people can go about their day for many sadness and tragedies. ITs just easier to not care, its easier to block out. I’m one of them. But I try to keep up the pain in my mind every so often to not forget. That even though an animal is 4000 miles away, it can still hit home.

Even though it was not in explicit detail about what happened. It was what I exactly thought: heartbreaking. To see facts and figures of animals rescued and carcasses found is a good thing, but to know its even going on was tragic. Animals being rescued in the thousands and released in high numbers. They have a wildlife rehabilitation center as well. Wildlife Alliance is an organization with a true caring heart. But it pains me to know that it nearly all comes down to money. Without money, nothing is possible. Life is hard, what money is there to give. How much money can be raised here in Cambodian communities for these efforts? What will it amount too? People have mortgages, school debt, children, to pay for. Can we get them to care about a reptile? We don’t even care for dogs or cats dying in the millions. Kids starving in Africa, children being blown up in Syria, gun violence in our schools, etc. And donating to save a reptile is more important than our humanity?

I know this is suppose to be a “LETS DO THIS” post and cheery. But I tell it straight. It hurts to know saving animals lives is governed by the almighty dollar. But if you have that dollar to donate and help. Please do. Please go vote for them to donation from the European Association. Because even has sad as it is, what little we each can do can add up to a lot. And thats what the point is, to stay positive and keep up the good fight. Because hope for change and a better world is worth it.

Sustainable Livelihoods and Tourism, Cambodia



A long long time ago, back in my early 20s. I decided there was a time I need to make my time useful. I shouldn’t be getting drunk 4-5 times a week. I should be using that time to read a learn. Head to the library. Get some books and gain some knowledge. My parents have been hammering that since I was a child. Education is key. Don’t be a stupid drunk. Well I did go to the library. I did grab some books. And yeah, I still drank. So now I’m an educated drunk!

I sorted through numerous books and picked out whatever might be of interest. I stuck with non fiction. There was an interesting book that stood out as I read its preview. It was a biography about the man who created the word Genocide. I thought to myself this book is for me. Its about my life and my families and what they been through. What could be a more interesting read than this.

There is much more to be told than what I can say here. The man was Raphael Lemkin, he was of Jewish heritage with many family and friends still back in Europe. He was extraordinarily selfless and determined in his efforts to remember those lost during the Holocaust. Up until his time, what was happening to people was really unknown. The murders on such drastic levels in comprehensible. He needed to put a word, a feeling, an understanding to what was happening. He then formed the word Genocide. For geno – species and cide – killing, these words best dictated and summed up the killings of a specific group of people on a large scale.

He worked tirelessly for hours and for so many years. He lobbied and networked to put this term on a worldwide scale. He put to light not only the Holocaust but many other genocides and my families own Cambodian genocide would share this label. And the saddest thing of all, in this relentless effort to work and cherish others. He only had a few people attend his own funeral.

This goes back to my work. I need to help share the news and understanding of all these pets of ours dying left and right. There are so many intricacies and complex systems that go into the tragedy of pets. On one hand, you have the puppy and kitten mill system providing an influx of animals. And then the carelessness of so many pet owners giving up their pets for nonsense reasons of their own fault. So many scenarios, so many deaths, so many reasons, what could I do. How can I explain to it people. I thought of Raphael Lemkin, I had to make a word that summed it all.

I thought of many phrases, roots and meanings that could go into my word. Obviously pet would have to be in it. And the word -cide would have to be used. I thought of doing peticide, sound too much like pesticide. I thought using the word -us in use, to stand for the word abuse. But then petus has an another ill fitted meaning. I needed to really include the word abuse/neglect somewhere in there. I settled with Petucide.

Now onto the meaning. The word that always came up to me with unnecessary. It was completely unnecessary all the pets being euthanized and dying. It tore my heart. I thought about the word killing but that somewhat implies deliberate. All these animals were being euthanized, but the meaning for that is assisted. These animals were not being assisted in what they wanted to do. They don’t want to die. What conclusion I came too, it was a massacre. A thoughtless and relentlessness massacre of animals. No rhyme or reason to it all, just random and immense despair. The word massacre fits it all. And thats how I came to the conclusion that it was simply unnecessary, it is through the careless actions of people and that on its scale its a massacre.

I released a sigh of breathe to myself after all this. I put the word together “Petucide” in images and on print. It just felt right. We have meaning, we have understanding of it all. There is a petucide going on which nobody is doing anything about. Lets all use and share this word that we can define the suffering of our poor pets. They need our help. We want to end Petucide.