ts 1991, Herndon, VA, I’m 6 years old and its in the dead of winter. Endless birds are coming to eat at our bird feeder. They are hungry. They want to eat and its a hard time for food. They want to survive. 


My dad has always put out bird feeders year round. It was truly something my brother and I enjoyed watching. Cute birds from all sorts of sizes and colors coming to eat in front of our eyes. Watching them come and go was always fun and relaxing. Flocking from all parts of the forest to our house to eat. What a treat! Its like your own mini zoo.

We have always done this our whole life. From Annandale to Herndon, back to Annandale, there will be food for the birds. We always ran and called each other when we saw a Cardinal or Blue Jay. The big two (oh safari terms) in northern Virginia. They stand out like a sore thumb. you always wonder how nature could put such vibrant colors on some birds. But the unicorns of nature were the yellow finches and hummingbirds. What to see some people get giddy or scream like a little girl. Then those would do it. Take some special seeds or special sugary drink mixture get these ones out.

It was fun then and its fun now. I carry on the tradition to feed the animals that give us so much joy. I put some food out just yesterday for the birds to eat. I’ve been bad and not doing it for Fall. But I’m just in time for the cold sets in for winter.


I’m an environmentalist. I’ve studied hard, I’ve learned. Take it to your everyday life, take it to the world around you. You always learn as a child when traveling through nature. “DONT FEED THE ANIMALS”. This is cemented in your brain. And after many years of schooling learning about ecology and biology. You start to get deeper into why and how it can affect it all. In many situations, its about safety for bigger animals. Other cases its about safety for the animal to not be interfered with. Protocols are necessary.

But then begs the argument on a deeper level. You don’t want to interrupt there social and feeding habits. The food we can provide might not be as healthy for them. We humans don’t want to them to lose there skills in hunting and foraging for food. They won’t learn to survive.

But then the necessary discussions need to take place. We are not suppose to mess with nature but yet we are destroying nature every single day. We can not feed the animals but yet we take away their food sources. They will lose their ability to survive but yet will not survive since we are destroying them. How can that be? We cut the forest and destroy the land. We exploit it for our benefit. Yet we can not give back? We can’t give a little nudge in the right direction. I for one believe “FEED THE DAMN ANIMALS!!!”

As long as you are safe and let the animals be safe. Help them as you please. They need it. We keep taking and never give back. The logic in most residential situations is false to not feed. They wont’ forget how to hunt. Because once we stop feeding them, they will go back to starving all the time and will relearn. Sometimes any creature just needs a little assistance. You can even take it through humans helping each other. We take so much from certain groups of people, it does not hurt to give a little back to help them get on track. I want my birds to keep flying and keep being beautiful.

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