Angkor Kingdom Trees Weep

Angkor Kingdom Trees Weep

I read an article quite awhike ago that has a very lingering affect on me. It was a very detailed insider story on the deforestation of Cambodia. All the ins and outs of the people living on the land, the statistics and the people that profit.

As much as I always want to positive and be uplifting about the environment and all life matters. I cant help but share the grim reality. We still live in a world where we know climate change is a true facing danger. That deforestation can have absolutely profound affects on many aspects of a ecosystem. Where people are devestafed just as the animals who called it home.

The sheer size, profit, disregard for nature, and selfishness is on a massive scale. I cant get into all the details and link the article below. But it makes me wonder why kind of fucking world are we becoming. To need to be thag rich, to destroy so much, and all for what? When peoples lands and live hoods are completely removed. Is there no heart?

These trees commanding thousands of dollars for a single one. How can you blame these impoverished Cambodians. You circumvent the laws and morality to attain these logs. All for millionaires home or art piece. Leave some helpless. What can I do? I’m halfway across the world. I cna scream and shout at the top of my lungs and nobdy care.

We are truly living in a golden age. Because these monsters are ripping out our nature’s soul. And if one is stopped, others will replace that one for destruction. Creating an incentive that at least I make the money instead. There will be no end in sight. Such greed wins out.

I remeber being told by. Cambodia family friend acquaintance where they can walk miles on end and hours into the forest. Those days are no more. All cleared for farmlad or illegal logging.

Until it is a barren wasteland with no suitable life will people realize it’s too late. The problem is you can’t turn back the clock. In the end you just hurt yourselfs.

You’re not just shooting yourself in the foot, you’re shorting yourself in the heart.