Training the Next Generation

One big topic that I love to think about and others do not really think about is the eating culture and habits we have in our everyday lives. What we want to eat, desire to eat and learn to eat is deeply rooted in the early stages of our life. It is simply routine. We are taught and trained on how to live by previous generations. What morals we have, how we treat others, our prejudices, how we talk, our work ethics and hundreds of other habits are learned. Little do people know or think about who we are as people is passed on. Its very logical. We as humans try to do the best for ourselves and our children.

Thats what brings the topic of veganism and vegetarianism to mind. Why is it we eat what we do? What do like the foods we do? How come I crave Cambodian food and Popeyes as a kid. WHile someone else craves Indian food, Mexican food, or Italian food. Its simple. Its what we ate growing up, its what we know, its what we learned. And as I became a father; I started to learn so much about this topic. What my son wants to eat, what his choices are and what we decide to feed him. Its Mommy and Daddy’s decision . He eats what we give him.

And thinking about this perplexing topic, well as my son grows up. What is he going to eat or not eat. As a vegetarian father, he’s going to start eating what I teach him is good and delicious. I’m the turning point for my family and future generations on their eating habits. Take the case for milk. I’m still very open to what we feed him. And yes some might bash me for it. But any parent knows how hard feeding a child can be. As long as they eat, you are happy. He will make his own choice one day on what his lifestyle should be. I will not force on him but have him learn.

But back to the main point, he for awhile ate his Cherrios with regular cows milk. Then Daddy decides to switch to Almond Milk with his cherrios. My boy didn’t bat and eye and devoured it. He’s only one and half and eats his Cheerios with either milk. So whats the point here. He is fine with either milk. Why would I choose a more cruel option. If I went with Almond Milk all the way. That is what he is going to learn to drink and like. And from his toddler to adult years. He will learn this is the choice to make. Just like everyone makes a choice to eat what they are accustomed too. And you can take that knowledge and adapt to all other areas. When it comes to what it is protein or his butter. He will learn all alternatives as his choice. That not only its good but cruelty free. Why would he choose to eat meat or drink cows milk but he doesn’t like the taste or texture of it. Why choose a different eating lifestyle when what his family has given him has been perfectly fine and delicious all along.

A simple choice that we make can have lasting impact for generations.

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