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After becoming vegetarian a little over a year ago; I always have this sort of amazement at the meat section in asian grocery stores. Not only can you get butchered meat but you can get live fresh fish and seafood. They serve live crawfish and live crabs along with an assortment of live fish. (I think these are tilapia).

Here is Good Fortune Supermarket in Falls Church, VA. What amazes me you ask? Its the the ease and abundance of food dead or alive you can have at your finger tips. Whether I want one fish or a hundred. Whether I want 1 chicken wing or 100 chicken wings. I can have it. There is no work to it. Just walk into a store and buy as you wish. For hundreds of thousands of years, we had to hunt for meat. You had to set traps or bait to get animals. You had to work in teams and track for days to hunt bigger game. Throw a spear or use a knife. Now we can even PRODUCE meat.IMG_3068

We have a science down to a tee in efficiency and savings on producing meat. How much we can produce, by when and at what cost. I walk into this store and can get anything I want alive to kill and butcher for a meal on the dime. Its just the mere quantity that is incredible. Over 350 million people in this country and we can feed them all easily.

Look at the condition of the tank the fish are in. Had to be over 50 of them in an enclosed space. How could you even begin to change this. Bigger tank, cost more, more water, cost more, filtration and oxygen system cost more for bigger tank more cost to run. Theres no incentive for a store to do that when its about the profit.

Hopefully one day we do something to make it more comfortable them at least.

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